Fence Types

Whether it's a standard or custom build we have a fence to meet your needs.

Wood Fences

Wood fencing comes in a variety of forms and finishes that make it an ideal choice with the three main benefits being its aesthetic value, its privacy and its cost.

The natural beauty of a wood fence remains desirable and with correct installation and treatment procedures, these fences will last for many years.

Picket fencing remains the most popular type of wood fencing today and has many available options to customize its appearance. Wood fences are practical and economical and best for staying environmentally sound, creating privacy, safety and natural beauty.

  • Fair expectation is 15 to 30 year life-span (depending on how much you take care of it)
  • If you want to preserve the fresh look of your fence over the years, consider a treatment like Ready Seal oil stain. It can be applied before or after the fence is built.
  • Only stainless steel nails or screws can prevent bleeding
  • In Colorado, due to extreme dryness, cracks on the posts, rails and pickets are too be expected and suppliers do not offer any warranties against that.


Wood fence maintenance, repair and replacement can be a major (and on-going) expense for individual homeowners. In the last 15 years, vinyl fencing has become an increasingly popular long-term solution to normal wood fence problems.

Tired of painting your wooden fence? Tired of replacing rotten posts? Vinyl fences have come a long way from the PVC fences that were first introduced about 30 years ago. All the defects have been worked out and the material is now similar to the material used on vastly used vinyl windows, which is why manufacturers have the confidence to offer lifetime warranties.

  • No rot, no rust
  • Easy to clean
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Full privacy
  • In Colorado, only available in white and tan


Today, Ornamental Iron fencing is mass produced and comes in a variety of heights and styles. New manufacturing machinery and processes have also made ornamental iron much more affordable than it used to be when it was built by hand. Like other fence products, decorative metals have become increasingly durable and maintenance free.

Homeowners choose ornamental metal fencing to show off landscaping of homes while also conveying a sense of security. Simply put, ornamental offers a prestige look. From classic to modern designs, there are different styles that make it a great accent choice for any property.

Ornamental-iron is earth friendly and sports environmentally friendly finishes.

  • No rot, no rust, no insects.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Customizable using finials and decorative accessories


Trex® Fencing offers superior durability and performance that is high-quality and low maintenance. Trex® Fencing is made from 95% recycled materials (reclaimed wood as well as recycled plastic), making it an environmentally-friendly choice you can feel pleased about.

Trex® Fencing offers superior durability and performance that you can’t get from wood. Trex® Fencing resists termites, won’t rot, warp, or splinter and never needs staining or painting. 

  • More expensive up front, but over time, you will have lower repair costs compared to wood.
  • You’ll never have to sand, stain or paint your Trex® Fencing.
  • Limited customization aside from post caps and color.
  • More information on Trex Fences.


Split-Rail Fences

A split rail fence is produced from rough sawn cedar and is split lengthwise into posts and rails. It was historically used by ranchers because it was simple to produce and easy to fix.

A great and affordable way to delineate large property lines, where privacy is not necessary, or to add style to a front yard.

  • Low cost, long lasting
  • Posts and rails are not milled and look uneven
  • Compatible with welded wire but not ideal

A ranch-rail fence can be built with cedar or vinyl. A typical ranch-rail system has two, three or four rail and is typically made with 4×6 or 6×6 cedar posts and nominal 2×6 cedar boards for its rails. Produced from rough sawn cedar it is simple to produce and easy to fix.

Ranch Rail fences look equally at home in city neighborhoods, country mountain settings. A ranch rail fence will make you feel like you’re really in the countryside, enjoying the little things in life, while still keeping a modern vibe. Ranch rail fencing provide a good alternative to a typical privacy fence, yet will look much cleaner and modern than a split rail fence.

  • Long-lasting in Cedar or vinyl
  • Cleaner and more modern look than a split-rail fence
  • Gives perception of bigger backyard, perfect if you want to enjoy the view of your surroundings
  • Takes welded wire well


Custom Fences

Whether you were inspired by a custom design or you want to create a unique look, Denver Fence Specialists will collaborate with you to select the right materials and fine tune your design.